AMS Device Integration
We take HART-enabled devices and create the driver files necessary to integrate the devices into Emerson Process Management's AMS software.
What We Do
  • Develop the interface DLL
  • Integrate an existing help file in the interface DLL
  • Develop one or more templates
  • Develop the device installation kit
  • Develop the device MAP DLL
  • Perform integration testing of the installation package
  • Submit the installation package to Emerson Process Management (if desired)

Responsibilities of the Manufacturer
  • Development of the device help file (if desired)
  • Supply one or more device images
  • Provide feedback on the interface
  • Provide values for the template(s)
  • Perform exhaustive device testing with AMS, and provide signoff to Emerson Process Management

We warranty our work for the life of the device for defects caused by our design and implementation. We also provide you with the source files, thereby allowing you to retain freedom and control of the device interface.

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